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CleanPower Regulator Board Installation

Take your original Game Boy restoration to the next level with the custom built, ultra-efficient and clean power regulator designed in-house by RetroSix.

The CleanPower replaces the original power regulator PCB of the Game Boy with a modern smooth and health power supply.

Perfect if your old power board is dying or dead. Common symptoms include faded screen (lack of or no contrast), failure to load games, freezing or total non-power on conditions.

The original power regulator board is 30 year old technology; it is very inefficient, very unstable and does not do the Game Boy electronics any good.

During our journey of restoration perfection at RetroSix, we reverse engineered and analyzed lots of the Game Boy's original components. The power regulator board was one of the worst parts about the original GameBoy, with various faults.

  • The 5V supply cannot handle the system load and constantly drops. This means the system is running from a heavily rippled and fluctuating power supply
  • The negative voltage line for the LCD is on its limits of current supply and wears away at the inductors over time, causing a lack of contrast and eventual dead of the inductor
  • The entire regulator PCB is noisy, which injects a lot of unwanted ground noise to the board, causing many issues including audio quality loss

The CleanPower board by RetroSix addresses all of those issue, providing a clean, stable and efficient 5V and negative LCD voltage supply to the system to keep the lifespan of your console at it's best.

To install, see images. Simply de-solder the old power regulator wires. Cut the grey plastic to separate them, and then solder them in the order shown. Red wire (bottom on original PCB) is 6V. Then moving up the original PCB wire by wire solder them in order; so LCD, GND then the top wire is VIN.

The input range of the CleanPower on VIN is 2.5V to 12V. This gives modders a much wider range if they want to install 2S lipo kits!


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