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Posted by Kyle Capel on

Bubbles are any modders nightmare when installing your Game Boy Color frontlight with LOCA. They haunt you, remaining unseen when applying your front light, only to appear when you rig her up. There is a better way to install your frontlight with LOCA and can avoid 80% more of those nasty bubbles. Here's the tip.

Install your frontlight upside down in the front housing to ensure that it will align with your LCD panel. After applying your LOCA, remove any air bubble left with a fine screwdriver by simply scooping them out. When you are satisfied, slowly set the LCD on top of the LOCA instead of setting the front light on the LCD.  Place a weighted flat object on top of the frontlight (such as a large candle, paper weight... etc.) to help distribute the LOCA and create a thinner layer of glue. A thin layer of loca sets the LEDs closer to the LCD and helps to provide a brighter panel when lit. The frontlight will be held in place by the frame when you observe from underneath.

Turn your setup over and leave an object under the panel to support it from below. allow some of the LOCA to cure while the panel is in the housing in order to hold it in place. Afterwards remove the front casing and fully cure your glue. Be sure to remove the reflective tape on the back of the panel before application and after in order to cure the entire setup. Let the edges of the panel cure in the window after and you are almost set to go. 

No more bubbles for a professional install! I have also seen the option to autoclave your setup. Unless you have one of those, this is your next best option.

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  • Nus. This method reduces the number of bubbles. Its tried and tested and works better for installation.

    HHL on

  • I’m not getting this at all.You get likely get no bubble with the screen and light installed upside down inside the front halves?

    Nus on

  • Sorry there is no reply feature on this comments thread. Andy, that part about the ridges is confusing, I took it out. You are on the right track.

    HHL on

  • For those without a fancy UV lamp, use the sun. Those UV rays aren’t just for skin cancer!

    30-45 minutes should do the trick, I think.

    Richard Schnitzel on

  • This is my second install for a GBC frontlight, the first time was a year or so back and I didn’t use LOCA. This time around I did, with this method to help me. Despite using canned air, some foreign objects found their way in there. Although I had no bubbles I had to remove debris, so I gently pulled the screen and kit apart, and very gently removed the debris with the tip of the LOCA applicator. I then proceeded to slowly put them back together, again case down, and received flawless results. Thanks again for all the great products!

    Jozef on

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