RetroSix/HHL CleanJuice GBA vs Retromodding GBA battery mod

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The Game Boy modding community, specifically dealing with the Game Boy Advance, just had quite the nice situation pop up… two different mods are suddenly available for customers to choose from… it’s really nice to have something that used to be niche be a sudden staple offering.

Perhaps two weeks ago the partnership of RetroSix and Hand Held Legend released the CleanJuice GBA - a contemporary take on getting battery power to your Game Boy Advance (GBA)… especially so if your GBA happens to be modded! Going into the project we wanted something that would be beefy enough to handle today’s modern modifications done to our favorite consoles, and have enough capacity for long play-times, even with a power-hungry IPS display.

Retromodding also has a GBA rechargable battery mod available, although it’s most initial missing is a catchy name… but the differences don’t end there, and we’d love to share what’s going on behind the scenes.


RetroSix / HHL CleanJuice GBA

GBA Battery Mod

Battery capacity

1,700 mAh

1,400 mAh

Battery type



Est. play time

14 hours

10 hours

Charge time

1 hour

2.5 hours


All USB-C (even C-C)

Only some USB-C


So… granted that’s not the largest table, but the implications are clear… if you’ve got a Game Boy Advance, and it’s modded with one of the popular power-hungry IPS display mods, you may be interested in the RetroSix/HHL CleanJuice GBA… not only are you going to get more play time (14 hours vs 10 hours) with the larger capacity battery (1,700 mAh vs 1,400 mAh), but when it comes time to charge-up, you’re going to spend less time (1 hour vs 2.5 hours) doing it with the CleanJuice from RetroSix/HHL.

Speaking of play time, another mantra we went into the CleanJuice with is that we want you to be able to charge it from your mobile phone as you may be ‘on the go’… all you need is your GBA, your mobile phone, and a standard USB cable. Done! You’re back up and getting more play time without having to find an outlet!

We’ll keep this short - we love this stuff, and it’s why we go all-in when we make these mods and are glad to see this latest offering moving faster than we could have imagined… come get yours and see what it’s like to just keep playing, and playing, and playing…


Addendum: There have been many questions on how long the CleanJuice GBA battery will last in real-world conditions, and of course it is going to vary based on multiple factors... see the article "How long will the CleanJuice last?" on RetroSix's support site.



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  • Wouldn’t you get much longer life with two 1900mah NIMH rechargable AAs? Seems like you don’t really /need/ these mods, neat as they may be.

    tgack on

  • Does the RetroSix CleanJuice pack have a low power indicator? I don’t see anything about that on the product page.

    Jamie McMullen on

  • I use my switch charger to charge my Retrosix battery yes! I love the battery life on it so far.

    Patrick A Gossett on

  • Can you use a switch charger on it? I didn’t see anything on the store page, so thought I’d ask.

    bk on

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