Game Boy Advance SP Buttons

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Keith Brown
Garbage Buttons

I've used many, many buttons for the AGS and these take the cake for being the worst. I had to spend over an hour shaving these things down because there's too much excess plastic left, the shapes around the legs are off, and the portion on the back is way too tall. Fully assembled in the shell, these buttons were so tall that the shell was pressing them down and making them unusable.

After spending much time shaving them to get them to a good height and shape, I put the shell together to realize that the triggers are also too tall and get jammed when the shell is together. At this point, i said screw these buttons and threw them out. Garbage buttons. Don't buy them.

I'm sorry to hear of your issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Andrew Foiles
yes, Ma'am!

Bought two sets of buttons, clear teal and clear pink. Both colors were lighter than the online photo, but fit the aftermarket shell just fine and have great response and feel. Really great product!

Matthew Ronnebaum
GBA SP Buttons

The buttons are not filed down correctly and stick often. OEM Buttons fit much better

Matthew Johnson
Perfect replacement shell for IPS screens

Perfect replacement shell for IPS screens

alex Ilieacu
not worth it

pictures make them look better than they are, full of sharp edges i had to clean off myself. r trigger unusable due to bad hole placement, trigger would stick into place. a, b and light button i had to file down in order to hear a click while in casing (too long).

I'm sorry the product was not up to our usual standards. We can work out a resolution if you message us at

yachacma xtrm

(in french) la qualité es vraiment cool sur tout les boutons
Mais sur les gâchettes L et R j'ai du moi même percé le trou pour y insérer la tige métallique
C'est un point qui pourrait être changé mais sinon très bonne qualité