Game Boy Color Ultimate Console - Black Out

  • $299.99 USD

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Decent but flawed

Shipping was quick, GB was protected. The solder work is very well done, buttons feel crisp. The battery housing would not fully close with the wireless charging battery. Also had issues getting it to charge. My Krikzz Everdrive X7 had freezing/booting issues that went away when I removed the wireless charging battery and switched to rechargeable AA batteries. Stopped using the battery . The touch controls are not needed as the screen has been soldered and the on-screen adjustment works. I ended up disconnecting them as they were positioned in an area that you fingers tend to brush a lot, requiring you to cycle all of the settings to get back to your preferred one. There is glow on the corners of the screen. It is more noticeable when the background is dark, but still bothersome in general

Awesome device.

This feels like a high end device. The features are awesome and there are so many built into it honestly you can have fun just messing with the settings for a while. Definitely worth it 100%

Pedro Santos
Great machine.

This is literally the endgame of GBCs. I’ll be honest, I got it because I saw analogue pockets are being scalped up the @$$. But I’m honestly glad it happened. This is way better then I was hoping. And it scratches all the itches, checks all the boxes. Got it along an everdrive, and it’s a match made in heaven.