GameCube Controller Buttons

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Adam Avramis

GameCube Controller Buttons

Mitchell Lee
Z Button

The Z Button was very different and didn't fit well at all. Needed major modifications to feel the same and did not come with metal piece. Other than that it was great.

Scott Whitley
GameCube Controller Buttons

I like 'em. Stuck 'em in a WaveBird, really snazzed it up. However, the start button on a WaveBird must be a lil' different than a regular Gamecube controller so I had to stick something up under it to make it fit right. It wasn't unexpected that things would be slightly different, and I repeat, I do like 'em.

Brandon Jones

The glow I'm the dark buttons are great. The only reason I'm giving it 4 is, because the z button does not come with the metal tab.

Nicholas Moser
Great except the control stick

Honestly everything was perfect except the control stick. It feels off compared to an OEM stick, hard to describe why. The resistance along the edges feel different, it only makes that signature clacking sound on one side. Like I said though, still very much worth the price.

Mixed bag

I tried all the parts but didn't intend to use the analog stick caps. The Z button doesn't fit right so the shell won't close properly. L & R work fine but the plastic is a little more textured than the OEM so they don't press as smoothly (could get better with time) and they sound a little more hollow and metallic in the controller. Both of the stick caps seemed a tad low under the gate but the left stick was unusable because the bottom of the pad is rubbery and gets caught on the gate.

Otherwise the buttons and dpad are perfectly fine. They feel a little lighter and the dpad is a little looser (possibly a tiny bit smaller than OEM) but GC dpads are basically useless anyways.

Lastly, they didn't glow that much but I think they need to charge in the sun more