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Game Boy Backlight | DMG and Pocket | V3

$9.99 USD

*Photos taken with Bivert Modification

How did we ever play our Game Boys without an illuminated screen? Unless you had a clunky attachment and some extra batteries, this task was not easy for a 90's kid who just wanted to play Pokemon at night!

A Game Boy Backlight from Hand-Held Legend is an easy to use thin LED panel that fits behind the original Game Boy LCD lighting up the screen from behind. Some modification to the console is required although this is a great task for a beginner.

  • 9 rich color choices
  • Thinnest backlight available at 1.23mm
  • >90% uniformity
  • DMG and Pocket compatible
  • V3: Super thin with a flat FCP cable and Resistors built in (excludes RGB)

Not only is this backlight compatible with the original DMG, but also the Game Boy Pocket. Now you can play both consoles in the dark or give your Game Boy a makeover! You can also display your screen in an "inverted" orientation to give your pixels a retro look.

Whats included with your kit:

  • 1 colored HHL backlight of your choice
  • Two 28 gauge pre-tinned wires (excludes RGB)
  • 1 polarization film
  • 2 Resistors built in! (excludes RGB)

Don't have a Game Boy? Your best bet on finding one for a decent price is on ebay.

***We recommend that you install your backlight at a 5V source to keep your screen bright and avoid audio board interference ***Do not use cleaning agents such as alcohol***

Required Equipment:

Check out the Gameboy BuilderPhotos are biverted. Check out this mod for better contrast! Find installation instructions here.

This backlight is compatible with the Nintendo Original Game Boy DMG-01 and Game Boy Pocket. It is NOT compatible with the following models: Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Nintendo DS, or Nintendo 3DS.
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