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Osaka LOCA (UV Liquid Adhesive)

$13.89 USD $14.99 USD

LOCA is a clear liquid adhesive that is used to adhere glass screens for smart phones as well as a frontlights for old LCDs. This is a high quality LOCA that provides better clarity and adhesion when compared to generic LOCA. 

  • Includes syringe for easy application
  • Cures at 365nm  (UV wavelength)
  • Soft cured, low hardness
  • 3mL = 1-3 installs
  • 10mL = 7 - 9 Installations
  • 30mL = 21 - 27 Installations


  • OSAKA 6: More permanent than OSAKA 7, tends to be thicker and spreads slower. Harder to remove if you need to reapply. Fast UV cure time. Will cure in sunlight *We no longer offer OSAKA 6*
  • OSAKA 7: Thinner and easier to remove than OSAKA 6. Spreads out quicker and creates less bubbles. Fast UV cure time. Will cure in sunlight.

LOCA Tips - Bye Bye Bubbles
LOCA Pro TIp - Spidering

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