Game Boy Advance IPS LCD V2 - Funnyplaying

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Lawson Sheldon
Pretty good

Makes my gameboy more playable

Awesome kit, Terrible ghosting effect/scrolling issues

If you're looking for an IPS screen for your GBA, this kit is an excellent choice. With that said, it doesn't come without problems. While drop-in installation was quite easy (albeit time-consuming), the stock brightness seems to be just too bright for low-light/dark rooms; it's definitely bright enough to be played outdoors. This made the optional soldering a necessity for me.
Post-installation, I didn't notice any issues until playing a game with a grid-like background. That's when I noticed the most egregious issues with this kit: Ghosting. So far, I've had no issues with screen-tearing or judder, but the ghosting is very noticeable in games with scrolling, layered backgrounds. The slightly visible 'jailbar' effect is by no means a dealbreaker, but it is a disappointment nonetheless. I hope this can be fixed with future revisions of the kit.

Jon Mutch
Not sure if it’s the mod or me

The screen is clear, but is only displaying static

If you haven't already, please contact us at so we may help you troubleshoot.

Brandon Steger
Buyer Beware

The screen is fine but i cant in good conscious recommend buying the kit from HHL. The kit they sold me included incorrect components intended to fit the original screen and not the new V2 LCD. If you are a perfectionist you will be annoyed by this as they advise you to just cut up the gasket adhesive, leaving gaps that dust can eventually find its way into. No insulating film is included with the kit either, you will need to find your own solution. Support blamed funnyplaying and gave me a "thats just the way it is :)" line. Their own tutorial video includes the correct components. Buyer beware.

Minor nitpicks to some, but for me its enough to recommend staying away.

Nicholas Walton
Ips screen

Used the mounting bracket, highly recommend, made it an easy install. Picture quality is great

Jose Mendoza
Great screen

Easy to set up but I had to look up instructions on YouTube. I wish it came with spacers. The only downside was that the double sided tape they sent me was cut way too small for this screen.