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Listing last modified: June 29th, 2022

We've made changes to this listing to make it more clear that the Nintendo logo cutout is not included. We've also added more information regarding trimming that we recommend for IPS kits. All changes made to this listing are archived at this link.

The prestige Game Boy Advance SP shell from RetroSix is a custom made high quality ABS shell. These shells are great for restorations or IPS installs with just a few easy trims.

Note: Although RetroSix mentions no cutting is required for IPS screens, we have found it is better to trim/snap off the small stumps inside the shell. They also do not have a cutout for the Nintendo logo sticker. 


  • Custom molded made with high quality ABS plastic.
  • Easy-to-trim design makes it a stellar choice for IPS kits and original screens alike.
  • Full shell replacement 
  • The best hinges to use with these shells are these aftermarket ones. OEM and other hinges will be loose in the hinge housing.
  • Clear variants will be more frosted than crystal clear.
  • Includes plastic screen lens, however, this is not needed if you are planning to install an IPS LCD kit.


  • 1x Full front shell
  • 1x Full back shell
  • NO logo cutout
  • 1x Replacement Console Sticker (001 version)
  • 1x Screw kit
  • 5x Matching screw covers
  • 1x Ribbon cover piece
  • 2x Matching hinge covers
  • 1x LED cover
  • 1x Battery door
  • 1x Original Sized Plastic Lens (non-IPS)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Brett McFarlane
Decent for the price

It's a solid build and looks great, but the screw holes are not designed for more than once attempt at putting it together, so in my case, if a fuse blows, the screw holes get more and more stripped every time you put it back together

Bryan Bingham
I did not get all my parts

I want to leave a good review because they have awesome products but I am missing the battery cover speaker and Nintendo logo from my order

Reviewer avatar
Tyrese Rose
Absolutely terrible.

So this was already in this description & it’s a given but this feels way cheaper than I initially thought it would be. I know it wasn’t gonna be the same, but it legit feels like you’re holding a toy rather than a compact video game handheld. That type of cheap, even for an aftermarket GBA SP shell, is actually bad for my standards.

Number two was the wait time. Maybe it could’ve been when I ordered it but this thing took almost over an entire week to arrive. It took forever for the damn thing to even ship!

And I would’ve forgave the horrible feel of quality and the long wait time if the screws that came with the shell WOULD ACTUALLY FIT. I had the hardest time trying to reassemble my the top portion of the shell after installing the screen but because of all the fiddling and struggling it actually DAMAGED my screen. Keep in mind this is a FunnyPlaying IPS screen which isn’t cheap at all & is a beautiful screen gone to waste.

After asking around, people actually told me that my first mistake was getting a RetroSix shell. To be honest, I was already worried before it even arrived because of certain reviews regarding the RetroSix shell for the original GBA and now I totally stand behind them when I also say that I WILL be going for another product.

I’d definitely ask for a refund but at this point I’m legit so fed up with RetroSix as a whole that I’m willing to take my losses solely because I do not want to waste my energy on them or anything to DO with them. That’s how angry and frustrated this product got me after these three mere issues.

If you want a shell, take my word & everyone else’s words and LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE. I’ve seen plenty of other shells that I definitelty will try but stay away from RetroSix shells. For your sake & for your [potential] GBA’s sake.

Zach Webb
Looks good

Bought it for my cousin. He really likes it

Erick Castro
I made my own tuxedo!

I saw the ultimate sp so I decided to make my own. It came out beautiful with the shell 😎👍

Amazing Shell. Love it.

I bought the clear blue shell after my OEM shell hinge cover fell off. This shell is exactly what I wanted. I also bought black buttons from HHL that worked amazingly with this reproduction shell. The tips I would have to anyone purchasing this shell are to make sure the old gba sp shell is open to the correct angle when removing the hinges. Also make sure you use the correct hinge on the correct side of the shell. Typically, the OEM hinges have one white and one black so make sure you put the left hinge from the old shell in the left hinge of the new shell and right of old in right of new. This shell looks so good, I even left off the bottom AGS-001 sticker provided for the bottom so I can see the game cart that's inserted. One thing to note is this shell also doesn't have the cut-out for the Nintendo sticker that typically is on the lid if you're looking for one with one. This didn't bother me though since I like having an unobstructed view of the inside of the gameboy since mine is a clear shell.

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