Game Boy Advance Frontlight

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Zack Marshall
4 stars // product is decent to good.

The front lite is a cheap option that can help you see what you are playing on your GBA, without fear of glare or lost worm lite. The build wasn’t too difficult and it was my first build/solder job ever. Plus for 5-10 dollars the experience was fun. Although if you do have an option and don’t really worry about the money unlike me, a back lite screen for 50-60 dollars is the better choice. The front lite has a bumpy surface which further distorts the small screen even with it being illuminated. If you are desperate for a lit screen and you are minding your dollars this is a decent-good option.


Failure on my part

After installing my front light and fresh screen, i turned on my GBA and only the front light worked but my game boy does not turn on... not sure why!!!

Gavin Lehman

Game Boy Advance Frontlight

Zambia Pankratz

Mod works great! My only complaint is you guys should also sell loca glue on your site and have it as a recommended purchase when a customer is purchasing the front light. I was a little disappointing after installing the mod since without the loca glue applied it’s very hard to see the graphics, but otherwise no complaints!

Marcelo Varela
Honest seller excellent products

Excellent seller , better prices!!!

Myles McGowan
Amazing repeat purchase!

After installing my first and falling in love, I decided to go ahead and purchase two more. All three were an easy install with a bit of LOCA from Amazon and I couldn't be happier with how they came out. Would absolutely recommend to anyone as a budget option to be able to see your games at night and indoors.