Game Boy Advance IPS V3 Kit - Unbranded

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Slight trouble aligning some connections requiring some twisting, but does it ever look great! Instructions could use some work.

Good looking screen, poor instructions

Once you successfully get it installed, it looks great; but the provided guide on this website are atrocious. I had to piece the process together by watching tutorials from older kits.

Instructions are terrible, screen is good

The instructions are unreasonably bad. I had to look up other sources to install it correctly. They don't describe the touch controls at all. The screen looks very good, and the touch sensors work fairly well. The one on bottom steps through the brightness levels. The one on top steps through color palettes, which helps when playing original Game Boy games. Make sure the touch pads are centered and are not touching the screen or anything metal. I personally recommend wiring up the L/R+Select buttons for adjusting brightness, as the touch sensor loops from max to min, and that can be annoying. You may even want to remove that touch sensor if it doesn't sound like a feature you'd want to use. Fitment of the screen was an issue in the prestige shell. The PCB was about 1mm too far to the right. I had to remove some of the plastic from the Start/Select button structure to get it to fit squarely. Go slowly, fit the screen and board before removing the paper backing from the foam surround.

Jean-Philippe Desjardins
Pretty freckin' good!

The installation was pretty fast and if you put the pannel in the top right end of the shell when it's open, you pretty much don't need the plastic spacers. Make sure you use the black double sided tape for the ips.screen and the transparent one for the glass!

Excellent Screen

This is a excellent ips kit, the display is awesome. Only the instructions could be a bit better

Simon Steckl
Colors are crisp

Colors are amazing and the brightness feature is super useful, but truly please remove the color filter option