Game Boy Advance / SP Power Switch Replacement

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Not great

I'll echo the previous two reviews and say that these are honestly not a great replacement. If you try to line them up with the board's solder points, it results in not being able to turn the unit on (in my case, a GBA). I wasn't successfully able to line it up in such a way to get it to work, and reworking it resulted in losing a solder point on the switch itself. You're better off just paying the extra $3 for the Zedlabz version.

I'm sorry to hear of the issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Tyler Ward
Works, but fitment is not great.

First off, if you are using this for a GBA SP, you will have to trim the tabs off as shown in the third picture, not a big deal but worth noting. Secondly, the nub coming from the switch itself does not fit that great in the power switch slider, which may result in your console not turning on and needing re-adjusted. My switch is perfectly centered and would not turn on, which I fixed by shimming the switch slider itself. Anyhow, If your like me and had no option other than switch replacement, this will work, just be prepared for possible fitment adjustments.

Jake White
A bit disappointing

If you install this perfectly in line with the motherboard, the plastic power switch won't be able to flick all the way into the "on" position when fit into the shell. Ultimately I had to offset this switch to the right on all 3 units I installed it on to even get it to function. Even then, it's a bit stiffer than the OEM switch and can get momentarily stuck between on and off. Fine if it's your only option but probably best to go get an OEM switch.