Game Boy Advance SP Replacement Shell

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Customer Reviews

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Dustin Matheny
This NES Limited Shell looks awful!

This reproduction shell does not match the original and is significantly worse than other NES shells I’ve bought. Paint is splotchy and discolored.

I'm sorry to hear of your issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Shawn Trommeshauser
Not bad!

I had no problems getting my GBA transferred into this case, and it works well!

I do have a couple criticisms that keep it from getting a better review. The screws that mount the mainboard to the top shell of the lower body made slight bumps in the shell near the start button and in the middle between the D-pad and A/B buttons. Just barely noticeable.
Also the font being wrong on the replacement 'Nintendo' lid crest definitely stands out to me. The error on the 'G' on the battery cover is also noticeable.
It's mostly nitpicking, but these are issues I'd love to see fixed in future purchases. Overall I'd say this shell is 'good enough'.

Charles Donley
Came Out Great

10/10 would recommend to anyone who needs a shell

Zachary Connick
Pretty darn good

I got the Pikachu replacement shell, and honestly, it is pretty darn good. My only complaint and why it is getting four stars is that it was missing one of the hinge caps, which caused a bit of a headache for me in trying to get it looking aesthetically appealing, but besides that, it is excellent stuff!

Noel Hernandez
Pikachu sp shell

I will say I’m a huge fan of handheld legend. Was a little disappointed with this shell due to the screw hole covers not fitting correctly they were too big for the hole and one hinge cap was missing. I’ll leave it at 4 stars because I know HHL will take care of this in the future. The service was super quick and still happy to order from you all again. I didn’t bother with a refund because this was the first issue I’ve encountered

Bad Quality shell

When I received the shell I thought I was getting a decent quality she'll, but once I had it installed, the shell was so rubbery, squeaky that it makes me not want to order any shells for SP in the future. The click that opening the SP makes is pretty much non-existent due to the shell, I can't even feel the click either.