Game Boy Advance SP USB-C Charging Module

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Awesome mod

This mod was very fun to do and worth it. I love using my phone cable to charge my SP!!

Shawn Munkvold
The best thing you can get, if you can handle the installation

USB C for GBA, what else needs to be said?
Well a couple things. The desoldering process is actually pretty challenging if you don't have a desoldering iron or rework station. You can do it, there's just a good amount of solder on the connector holding it to the board.

The connection that needs to be made to Pin 2 as the other reviewer said, is extremely tiny. Better have small solder and a small tip, and expect to be cleaning a bridge with pin 1.

Finally the 3d printed spacer mine came with was, is, a bit tight. Needed some trimming to be able to really fit. And even still pushes the case apart a little. Might try and get one reprinted for a better fit.

Michael K.C.

This is perfect as it brings the GBA SP to the future, no more 20 year old charging port for me!!!!! I am NEVER going back! Thanks to All of you!

Fox Reno
Must-Have Upgrade

This module is spectacular!
It takes 3 solder points. Solder the first two at the sides near the edge of the case first. Be sure to line it up centered perfectly. Also ensure it is FLUSH with the board, not sticking up due to extra solder between the PCBs.
The back solder joint is very small and can be difficult to get. It solders to pin 2 of the SP board. If your SP does not charge, check that you got this joint properly, as you need to connect the joint on the SP board located underneath the board to the top of the USB charging module. It's tricky to get solder that deep into the joint but not too difficult. Also be careful not to short pin 2 and 1 on the SP board, an easy mistake to make.
Note that this module removes headphone capability from the power jack, but a replacement audio jack can be added with additional modding.
No charging light: check your solder connections, specifically the one to pin2. Make sure the contacts are touching and no other pins are shorted to it.
Charging light comes on for 1 second only: Check your battery connection or replace the battery. The charging module is working, but the battery isn't being charged.
Charging light flickering: Your solder connections are not good enough, and the module isn't staying in contact to the board.
Disclaimer: I purchased a different version of this product, which did not come with the spacer. I 3D-printed my own spacer.