Game Boy Color Prestige IPS Ready Shell

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chitti Christopher
Bad quality

I ordered a display and it had pixel problème. The replacement one you sent me had the same issue.
Each delivery I pay 13€ tax so I juste want to be fully refunded.

Andrew Staten
Bought to pair with Clean Juice GBC

So, I specifically bought this shell to go with a Clean Juice GBC, and the battery compartment is too small. I can fit the battery in, but then the battery cover WILL. NOT. CLOSE. I wasted money on the shell that is SUPPOSED to be designed to go with the battery developed by the same guy, but I guess that was a lie.

Robert Lopatto
Working perfectly!

Installed fairly easily but did have to do some trimming to get the wires the proper length so everything would fit.

Nakayama Hiroyuki

Game Boy Color Prestige IPS Ready Shell

Let us know what issues you had with the shell at

Easy LCD install but easily stripped shell

Got the shell to install the IPS LCD Q5 screen. Install was ridiculously easy. Before you tape everything down or risk hurting your kinda expensive new screen, you gotta test it so you put the screen in and screw the shell together. New screen worked. Touch sensors worked. It was lovely. Success! I unscrew the shell. Tape the LCD down into place. Tape the glass lens to the front. I go to screw the shell together but the two screws on the left side just kinda spin forever because the shell has been stripped after being screwed together and unscrewed once. I was delicate my friends. I didn’t want to blow it with the fancy new screen. Plus I read other reviews ahead of time and was cognizant of stripping potentially being an issue so I did not crank down hard and was as gentle as possible. So it is wildly surprising that the shell stripped so easily. I’m at a loss. I guess I try to pull the new LCD off as delicately as possible and hope I don’t break it? I don’t know. Maybe avoid the allure of the matte black shell? 😭😭😭

I'm sorry to hear of the issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Juan Hernandez
Awesome great product

Awesome goes great with wireless battery pack