1UPcard™ Game Boy Console Cleaning Cartridge

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Customer Reviews

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Thomas Mooney
Does what it should!

Cleans the pin connector great. Very easy to use.

Nicholas Stevens
1 up card

Very handy for cleaning console, howevery can have limited uses before the sheet inside the card is too dirty to use

Justin Hemmer
Not happy with reusability...

After using the 1UP Card to clean all three GBA’s that I am working on it got rather dirty as expected. After visiting 1upcard.com I learned that you can clean and reuse the console cleaners. It says that you are supposed to take a cartridge cleaner (in this case a mini one) wetting the fluid side with a few drops of water, run it side to side about twenty times and then dry it with the other side in the same manner. I even used a fresh cleaner card and it stripped away the surface of the cartridge cleaner as seen in the picture. Now I’m out $15 for a product that I should have been able to use A LOT more than three times. I hope I just got a bad cartridge, but I’m not inclined to buy another seeing as how the very first one I purchased was so easily damaged following the company’s instructions... :(

Spencer S.
Works as intended

I was able to use this item to get dirt out of both my Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance. I probably will be purchasing another one in the future for my super gameboy. I would definitely recommend this item.

Works well

Nothing too flashy, but it is an easy alternative to the credit card trick

Kyle VanBenthuysen
Works Great

1 UP Card cleaned the contacts very well