Mini Toggle Switch

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Alot easier than I thought.

They aren't super tiny and they have a place to "thread" the wires before soldering! Great for LEDs and fits in the DC 3V IN hole on the bottom of the Gameboy Color with very minor modifications to the GBC shell! BUT! If you remove the DC 3V IN jack from the motherboard you will need to solder a jumper wire from pinhole 2 to pinhole 3 and make sure you don't ground out your jumper or solder points on the newly placed switch!

Joe Sammons
Finally a switch that fits my needs!

Easy to use as long as you don't hold the soldering iron to the metal contacts too long like a retard and render your switch useless! It works great, and LOOKS great to boot. No complaints here!

trevor t
Great fit and products!!

this one fits in the case. some others i have tried wont. very happy

Cheap switch.

Don't buy it. The plastic will melt at the slightest hint of heat when soldering any wire to it, loosening the switch rendering it 100% useless. Trying to toggle it in this state will make it entirely fall apart. Buy a real switch.