Game Boy DMG IPS LCD Q5 OSD & Front PCB - Unbranded

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justin peachey
as easy as it gets for a noob

product works and is vibrant! Very satisfied!

two solder points were effortless for speaker install.

some things to note about this that I ran into on install:
1. contrast side wheel hits solder point on rear motherboard with aftermarket case. Unable to spin/push the contrast wheel. Work around is to not screw the case together as tightly or to try and trim off excess solder/wire from DMG rear mother board.
2. kit comes with tape, but not double-sided. Made it a little bit harder to set the IPS LCD in the 3d-printed template piece to guarantee it was square with front panel.

Reese Thomas

Game Boy DMG IPS LCD Q5 OSD & Front PCB - Unbranded

Derek B.
Great Screen!

Amazing screen for the money! Has alot of features. Screan can be centered in the opions menu, instead of having to adjust manualy.


I acquired a DMG a few years ago and damaged the screen attempting to back light . I shelfed the unit for a while and recently started looking for options to repair it and discovered the front PCB and ips combo. This was a huge upgrade compared to the original screen and was very easy to install. Playing Pokemon yellow on my DMG in 2021 is way better than my mind's eye can remember it back in 1998. Highly recommended and I am going to purchase a IPS for my wife's Gameboy pocket

Santiago Guzman
Game Boy DMG IPS LCD Q5 OSD & Front PCB

It's very easy to install, I love it! I customize every preset of color to my liking. I like the pixel mode on this also. Dpad is good I'm using a nes style dpad. You will have to shave a bit of the shell for the contrast wheel, which its no biggie I did it with a razor blade.

I would definitely buy another one for my dmg

Nash M.
Game Boy DMG IPS LCD Q5 OSD & Front PCB - Unbranded

It seems to work well. I prefer the LG branded display as it has a slightly better colors and more choices. The unbranded is great and you can customize it to your spec. For me personally too much to fiddle with but still great. 5 stars