Nintendo DS Lite Shell

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Josh R.
Low quality, do not recommend

I ordered three DS Lite Shells (Black, Pink, and Clear Blue) for a GameBoy Macro project and two shell swaps. All three had major issues:
1. The plastic is far flimsier/softer than OEM. If you are trying to drill out the right hinge to make room for the GBMacro acrylic lightbar, it just falls apart. No issues with OEM plastic, which I will now only be using for Macro projects.
2. The sizing is not exact to OEM shells. I've had so many problems with fit:
- The hole for the L trigger support post is too wide, causing the spring to slip constantly. Wrap some duct or electrical tape around the post to stabilize it.
- The volume slider will constantly fall out when you try to assemble.
- The power slider area is very tight. It's way too easy to snap the switch during reassembly, while OEM just slides together with no issues.
3. The pink shell had several scratches and scuffs right out of the box.
4. The buttons are cheap as can be, the letters are not centered and printed at different sizes.

I love Handheld Legend and their products are usual quality, but steer clear of these shells.

I'm sorry you are having issues with this product. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Andrew McClintock
Not the best quality, but it works.

This shell and button kit leave something to be desired. There were several areas that I had to trim to get the desired fit, and it's still not perfect. The L and R buttons that came included are slightly different in their design than the OEM buttons, and didn't work for me (the springs kept popping out during reassembly), so I ended up using the buttons from the DS I was re-shelling.

This kit works, but be prepared to make some modifications/alterations.

Renee Adams
Needed alteration

The plastic is definitely flimsier than the original shells, but that's alright depending on the look you're going for.
Parts weren't cleanly cut and pieces needed to be snipped off to fit onto the chipboard for the DS Lite. Posts from the molding process, most likely. Also had to shear off some bits and length from the sliders to help them move more smoothly.

Worth it if you're prepared and able to problem-solve where the issues are being caused.

Andrew Moos
Poor quality control

The metal interior shielding was not trimmed neat enough, so I had to use the original from another ds lite. Additionally the hinge piece was slightly too large and had to be trimmed by me. The shell also had a slight warping to the bottom piece that has left a slight gap between the bottom and top half on the backside. Very dissapointed.

I am sorry you are disappointed with the product. We would be happy to offer a solution if you want to message us at

Clear Blue Ds Lite Shell

Let me preface this review by saying that after struggling to put the DS back together and in its new shell, it was worth it. I love how it looks. However, I cannot give this product a 5 star rating as literally every piece in the kit needed some level of modification to fit correctly. Every screw hole needed to be bored out in order to fit the screws in the kit. I had to shave quite a bit of plastic off the the top cover to make room for the WiFi antenna. Some pieces didn’t fit altogether so I just used the original pieces I had from the donor DS. Be prepared to do some modification to make everything fit together correctly.

Dave Ruple
Fit correctly

Somewhat complicated construction, just check for minor flash needing removal in battery compartment. Looks great!