Game Boy Pocket Buttons

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Tj Lopez
My order

My order was on time and everything came in great shape, definitely will order again. Thanks guys.

Shawn Smith
Great D-pad replacement for Retroflag GPi Case

I purchased this set not for a Game Boy Pocket but instead as a D-pad replacement for my Retroflag GPi Case. The original D-pad that shipped with the case gave a lot of false diagonal positives (especially for down+right) and made some games (like Game Boy "Mr Do!") almost unplayable. This replacement pad is a 100% improvement and allows the Retroflag GPi to actually feel like the Game Boy that it is modeled after. I highly recommend this button stet.


No issues with these buttons. They fit well.

Paul Doherty
Smooth action

Smooth action for game play

Jesse Gonzalez
Great price for a great product

Was great to find buttons for an affordable price (some people on eBay sell a set of buttons for 5 dollars, while here at handheld legend, the most you pay is 2/3 dollars :)

Jacob Beach
D Pad bottoms out

They all came pretty cleanly cut and there weren't any issues of not fitting. However, the D-Pad base is a little off- it bottoms out and feels all wrong when compared to the original on an actual Game Boy Pocket. I 3D printed a piece that helped a little with the base, but I was really disappointed.

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