Game Boy Pocket TFT LCD Kit - Unbranded

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Nathan Roth
Too difficult. Buy the IPS display.

The TFT display for the pocket requires too much folding of parts. Buy the IPS display. Is bigger and better. Easier to install.

Excellent screen mod!

Looks amazing and I’m very happy!

You need the bracket if you want a smooth installation

Seriously: while the kit itself isn't hard to put together even with the one wire to solder the foam pad you are given doesn't cut it for holding the screen in position. I did end up having to slightly modify my shell because the bracket made the screen fit too tight,as in if I attempted to push it in any farther it would break so I trimmed the bottom corners and all was well.

Jordan Richards
No display

I tested the screen as recommended prior to installation on two separate GBPs and it does not power on at all. Going to return and get the Funny Playing kit as I really love the FP kit I put in my GBA

I think it's a good product  いい商品だと思います。

Imported for the first time
It arrives safely
Handa was difficult for beginners
I was impressed when it was completed


Not exactly as described

I'm a complete amateur so when I read that this was quick and easy, I thought I'd have no trouble. I ran into a couple of problems with this:

1. The bracket I got with this was a snug fit for the casing, however it wasn't built to accommodate the LCD as well as the notches on the bottom of the screen window. I had to break the bracket up in order to get everything to fit nicely

2. The description says there is only one wire to solder but provides two (one with something soldered on the end) and doesn't give you any kind of tutorial. You need to solder two wires (one bigger and one small) as per the image I uploaded. I cut up the one normal wire provided to do this. All other bits connect pretty logically, although I removed the strip for adjusting brightness.

Everything is working after this but it was a real pain in the backside to figure this out without instructions. Hope this review helps people in future!