USB Power Cable for Game Boy Color and Pocket

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Review for USB Power Cable for Gameboy Color and Pocket

The cable is overall fine and does what it is supposed to do. Build quality is decent, but the power pin connection to the Gameboy Color isn't all that great. It's about 10mm too long, and results in a good portion of the connector sticking out as bare metal exposed . This results in the connection being somewhat loose and also that it is easy to damage if you are not careful and were to drop/knock off the cable while still being connected. A shorter power pin would've been a snugger fit and would be less prone to breakage should the connector be accidently yanked. Also, it introduces the possibilities of an inadvertent short if a wire or other exposed conductive metal were to come in contact with the exposed pin. I wouldn't really recommend this product, and I'd look for a cable that had a better/snugger fit power pin. I've attached a picture of it plugged into a GBC. I have multiple GBCs and I've tested this out and they all exhibit the same behavior. Due to the looseness of the connection it also results in power loss if you wiggle the cable too much (which you should definitely not do in general as GBC/Pockets are 20+ year vintage devices). Also note, the Pocket shares the same power plug as the GBC, so I would expect the same result on a Pocket.

I'm sorry to hear of your issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Uri Flamenbaum
Bad fit

The cable makes a bad connection, if you touch it, the gameboy color turns off. Pretty useless.

I'm sorry to hear of your issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

John Barbero

Cable does what you'd think it'd do. Was excellent for keeping me sane during international travels visiting sick family.

Fionna K
Works flawlessly!

I was nervous when I took it out of the package, as I didn't see any voltage regulator. I looked at the USB plug and saw that it had been mold injected around something so I tested it out. It worked perfectly on the first try without any issue!

Jonathan Hernandez
J Hernandez

Always super satisfied with the products and shipping time

Emily Nesbitt
Cable is very short

My only issue is that this cable is very short