Game Boy Advance Shell

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Very happy

Everything is great quality. I did notice a few scuffs on the shell, but it doesn't bother me much at all. It also may have been my mistake, but I assumed that the shell came with a new adhesive strip for the display screen. Other than that I'm very happy with everything!


The area around the screen is too warped to have the tempered glass screen covers stick all the way around, so they let dust in. Not worth the money, imo.

Gba replacement shell

At first glance, this is a decent shell, and if all you need is something functional and cheap to hold your GBA together, then this might be fine for you. However, if you're looking to do factory refurbish or just want something that can pass as an original, I'd look elsewhere, especially for silver. The dimensions seem pretty close from first glance, the walls of the case are about 50 percent thinner than OEM, and the blend of the plastic seems more brittle. For the silver color, a paint is applied (just as in the original), however the paint is not evenly applied, with drips and sags near cutouts and areas that were not painted at all, especially near the volume and accessory ports. Overall, it was a cheap case, and you get what you pay for. Shipping was fast and product quality does not reflect the excellent service offered by handheld legend, and though I was not satisfied with this particular item I will continue to shop here in the future !

Inconsistent quality

I've ordered three of these shells in the past, and I've noticed some inconsistencies. On some, the lens fits like a glove, the screws go in easily, the plastic feels good, and the nintendo logo looks accurate. However, on others, the lens hole is too large, so it's tougher to get a proper placement without multiple tries. It's also tougher to get the internal screws in. I found tapping with a fine drill bit or a slimmer screw makes it easier. There may be some plastic that needs to be trimmed off left from the molding machines, and the nintendo logo doesn't look as good.
However, when the shell is nice, it's NICE. I've got a pink translucent one that's great quality, a teal glow-in-the-dark that's of moderate quality, and a solid indigo that's of poor quality. So, just be cautioned, there may be extra work involved if you get a dud.

Pretty good Shell!

I got my shell in almost no time at all! when i was putting it together however it took a bit to realize that the screw holes were not drilled and you have to kind of screw the screws in to create to inside of the posts. Other than that it fit nice!

Gameboy advance shell

Qualitativ nicht das was ich erwartet habe, kommt nicht an das orginalgehäuse hin. Habe mir ein Gehäuse von retrosix geholt, dafür gibt es eine uneingeschränkte Empfehlung