Game Boy Advance SP Shell | IPS Modified

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W. B.
Worthwhile Upgrade for Beaten Up OEM Shells

Overall, this shell is a great option for GBA SP owners with working systems stuck inside damaged OEM shells. Being a lifelong Ghostbusters fan, I opted for the "Slime Green" color. I prefer to use flathead screws in my shells, as they create a lower profile & allow more clearance for the addition of other parts, so I was a little disappointed to see this kit came with round-head tri-wing screws and upted to use some OEM flathead screws salvaged from my own damaged OEM shell. Additionally, some of the smaller plastic components of the shell - namely the hinge covers and the bail cover - are not molded quite as well and thus, don't attach as cleanly to the finished product. However, these are minor quibbles, and this shell is still a major improvement that provides color customization and breathes new life into the look of the system.

Travis Goodale
its okay

ips modified only for the square ips screens. expect cutting for v2 ips.

Jacob Vitale

Game Boy Advance SP Shell | IPS Modified

John Stromme

It's decent, but it doesn't come close to the feel of an OEM shell.

Jesus Lopez
These shells are cheap

Just bought this 2 months ago and the plastic on the hinge is already broken. Was thinking about getting a gba shell but idk anymore.

I'm sorry to hear of your issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Rubén Barragán
Very pleased with my first mod

The Shell has very good quality, the color is exactly how i wanted and the IPS Kit i installed on it fits perfectly. Would buy again for sure.