Game Boy DMG Shell | Housing

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DMG Shell

I'm generally satisfied with the product, but I was disappointed to find that the shell had some scratches on it. (The part with the power on/off indicator)


Over all was a good, but there were some noticeable imperfections of the speaker grill.

Awesome Shells. But Not Perfect.

I love these shells and how close they are to OEM if Nintendo ever did make all these different colors. I do have a few gripes.

I purchased a clear shell and there are some imperfections in the plastic from what seems to be whatever was used in the molding that you can see with the plastic being clear. Nothing too major, but definitely noticeable if you look for it. The plastic is softer than OEM so be extra sure not to screw the screws on extra tight. You will end up stripping the plastic easily. On the plus side of that, it makes it easy to cut and opening with a for a larger IPS screen install.

Although the screen lens that came with my IPS doesn’t sit flush with the face of the shell. It looks to stick up about a millimeter or so. But again, it’s not that big of a deal.Also I noticed when tightening the middle screw on the left side of the shell (on the back), the shell seems to cave in together so you have to screw it in a little looser, not being able to get a nice clamp on the shell on that side as the rest. But it’s ok.

So just a few things of note, but otherwise, very good shells and I am happy to use them to replace any old, beat up OEM shell that I have or get.


In great shape and amazing quality! Ships fast too

The Brick!

Being able to customize our classic handhelds are why were here - and thhe shell is the first thing everyone notices, and the part of the system you touch the most. The black version I bought has a nice texture, and more importantly - fits together properly with no jagged bits and with proper alignment.

Exceeded expectations

Quality product. Looks and feels great when assembled. Super fast shipping. Thanks legends. I'll be back! ;)