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Game Boy Advance SP AGS-101 LCD Backlight

$79.00 USD

The Game Boy Advance was yet another console that did not have an illuminated screen. Until the Game Boy Advance SP an illuminated screen was only something to dream of. Even with its release the SP did not have a modern TFT LCD screen with the best brightness, color or battery life. Years later, a second model of the GBA SP was released with a modern TFT LCD commonly notated with an "AGS-101". The LCD found here is a suitable replacement for this model and is often replaced into the original Game Boy Advance. Some state that the ergonomics of this console cannot be beat!

Upgrade your Game Boy with a high quality TFT LCD made to integrate with the Game Boy Advance SP and Game Boy Advance motherboards. Adapter needed when modifying your GBA.

  • See this page prior to purchase for help with you installation
  • 15 minute install
  • We believe this model to be the "Type A" version
  • Adapter required based on motherboard model (32 or 40-pin)
  • Pair with a new Game Boy Advance shell 
  • Not compatible with AGS-001 PCB/Motherboard

Troubleshoot your installation
Fix vertical ghosting
Fix washed out and over bright screens

GBA TFT LCD Ribbon Cable Compatibility Chart


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