Nintendo DS Lite Shell

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Timothy Murdock
It Fits, It Sits

This shell popped together with no fitment issues. Seems to be of at least as high quality as most aftermarket shells and had no defects - which is more than i can say for some of the shells i have acquired from other sources. 10/10 for fit, finish and price. To clarify: I purchased a clear blue unit, not a painted one. It should be noted that this type of plastic will not feel the same as the stock unit however it feels as expected. I used the factory buttons so i cannot speak to the fit or feel of the included ones however it DID include them.

Maxwell Monroe
Cheap material

the plastic feels like the same kind used in dollar store toys. the majority of the parts had warp to them and everything had burrs still.

I'm sorry to hear of the issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Jesse C.

Everything fit well and looks good.

Art Belghali

Everything appear to fit somewhat well, just one caveat. This assembly set this NOT include button silicon membranes for the buttons.
This set includes buttons pieces even the rim softeners just not the silicon button membranes. Now my refurbishing build is on hold until i get those new silicon membranes.
The battery holder has a small section you may need to pry off in order to properly fit the battery, but it can be done easily.

No better than the cheaper stuff on ebay

Uneven paint, stylus was stuck in before it dried, lots of plastic had to be cut off before the top screen and antenna could even fit...
If you think you're getting anything other than a drop shipper, you would be wrong.

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Josh R.
Low quality, do not recommend

I ordered three DS Lite Shells (Black, Pink, and Clear Blue) for a GameBoy Macro project and two shell swaps. All three had major issues:
1. The plastic is far flimsier/softer than OEM. If you are trying to drill out the right hinge to make room for the GBMacro acrylic lightbar, it just falls apart. No issues with OEM plastic, which I will now only be using for Macro projects.
2. The sizing is not exact to OEM shells. I've had so many problems with fit:
- The hole for the L trigger support post is too wide, causing the spring to slip constantly. Wrap some duct or electrical tape around the post to stabilize it.
- The volume slider will constantly fall out when you try to assemble.
- The power slider area is very tight. It's way too easy to snap the switch during reassembly, while OEM just slides together with no issues.
3. The pink shell had several scratches and scuffs right out of the box.
4. The buttons are cheap as can be, the letters are not centered and printed at different sizes.

I love Handheld Legend and their products are usual quality, but steer clear of these shells.

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