Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Shells

  • $8.99 USD

Customer Reviews

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Morris Metz
Solid Item

Everything fit very well. Love the color. With a little time, YouTube, and elbow grease, they worked. Would recommend if you want a different color than the standard Nintendo ones.

Jordan Maze
Really happy with the results

The shells are fantastic. They fit together really well and made the console way more interesting to look at

Charlie Atkins

The shell did not come with the middle housing piece. The mold is off just enough that the plastic is slightly bulging in the middle. I suspect some of the internal pegs that hold the logic board in place are half a mm too long. I am not currently willing to take it apart again to shave a few pegs in an attempt to rectify this right now. Its a tight fit with the controller grip, and the shell doesnt sit flush.

Otherwise, it looks dope as hell and is the cheapest option unless youre willing to wait 3 months to buy directly from China.

Andrew Diaz
They’re just okay

Some of the joycon shells as shown on the site has a d-pad replacing the directional buttons, as well as replacement ABXY buttons, but neither are included in the kit. Assembly went well, but when I put it all together, the casing does not fit the railing of the joycons, so it does not close flush and you feel the plastic stretching and stressing.
Good for the price, but the quality is not the best.