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Game Boy Color Frontlight V1 | V2

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The Game Boy Color was yet another Nintendo console that those 90's kids couldn't play in the dark! Frontlight panels offer screen illumination when backlights won't make the cut. Screen lighting technology has made it possible to illuminate an image below while still providing a clear view. 
V2: Laminted OCA film is already present on your panel. Simply peel and stick! Requires an extremely clean panel, even the components directly adjacent to the LCD. Any spec of dust or left over adhesive residue may cause your screen to raise off the glass and cause undesirable effects.

V1: 4 LED clear panel with micro-lens technology. Liquid optically clear adhesive (LOCA) greatly improves the optics of the panel, making your front-lighting experience more enjoyable. LOCA application is highly recommended for the best user experience. Make sure you orient the panel properly by placing the smooth side down and the red wire on the left side of the LCD. This will help you avoid mistakes.

  • Brighter than other frontlights!
  • 100 ohm resistor included (Not required with all panels)
  • Cure under the reflective strip for a reliable bond
  • 1mm thickness
  • Red wire on the left (LCD below)
  • Red dot facing up for proper orientation
  • Installation Video

Frontlights are an alternative modification to the AGS-001 frontlight. Game Boy Advance SP consoles have this technology but require you to gut and old console and remove a fragile panel. This frontlight is more affordable and helps to save Game Boys!

Equipment needed (V1):


Ultraviolet light is required to cure LOCA. You can use a UV curing light or bright sunlight in order to do this. 

The frontlight installed in the product photos was installed using OSAKA 7 LOCA. This backlight is compatible with the Nintendo Game Boy Color. It is NOT compatible with the following models: Game Boy DMG-01, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Nintendo DS, or Nintendo 3DS.
*NOTE: The loca sold on this site has been well tested with our frontlights and the GBC LCD. Using other LOCA may damage the LCD and frontlight

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