CleanJuice Game Boy Advance (V1.3) Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Module

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Stephen Jimenez
Excellent upgrade

Most excellent upgrade. Having USB C charging is extremely convenient. No issues with my unit, and shipping was fast.

Does what it says...

Fit is a little tight, but once it's in it's secure. Charges quickly, no complaints about play time.

Mario Cepero
Really awesome upgrade!

Quality. 1.3 ;0) looks like you got it perfect this time! Thank you for all the hard work.
“Absolute game changer”

It Does Totally Worth the Money!!

I restored a GBA for my husband's birthday and he loves it! I think this battery mod totally worth the money. Fits perfectly into the IPS pre-cut shell. Is just a smart addition for IPS V2 screens.

Evan Collins
Maximum convenience

Drops right in and I'm so glad it has USB-C instead of micro-USB. Battery lasted at least 10 hours on a road trip. This must be a newer version that has a green charging LED that turns off after it is fully charged. There is a blue LED that is on constantly while it is plugged in.

Modern Era solution to a Retro Problem

This module is just the perfect fit to modernizing any modded GBA. After doing a Backlight Mod, and noticing increased draw from a flashcart, those poor AA's just don't stand a chance these days. This is a simple drop-in and pairs well with all the other Type-C devices you may have. Just, don't forget to use the code for the Type-C cut battery cover!

I'm aware of some of the previous iteration issues for this board, but the latest board+battery I received is working incredibly well. No issues with idle power drain, and I would only recommend this product to mature GBA owners due to the style of battery used. I will be buying more of these for my other GBA's in the future!