Game Boy Advance Prestige Buttons

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Stephen Jimenez
Great condition and fit

The only complaint is that the right bumper is a little loose after being installed. Shell cannot close and further and I'd imagine it was just unfortunately molded a little too small. Not an issue for me enough to dock a star, but wanted to share. Otherwise buttons are perfect 👌

Sam Lenz
Great A/B buttons

The A and B buttons are perfect, very clicky and responsive. Though the D-pad leaves much to be desired. It isn’t quite tall enough and the membrane is soft, causing multiple directions to be pressed sometimes. The quality of the plastic buttons is great.

Alex Craig
Excellent quality!

Just finished working on my sister's Gameboy Advance (pictured) after the clear pink OEM shell yellowed to a vibrant clear orange. With the new Clear Black Prestige Shell and the Clear Amber Prestige Buttons, this thing looks like a masterpiece! One of the best I think I've made thus far, and my sister is enjoying it! Came across one small issue along the way, but HHL support were very prompt to help me, and I am so grateful! You guys rock!

Troy Cane
My friend informed me that aftermarket buttons feel 'Off...'

These however exceeded expectations.

Alonzo Jimenez

Game Boy Advance Prestige Buttons

Albert Arbelo
Close to OEM

So far these are the closest in quality to the original buttons that I have used. They look and feel great. I would definitely recommend for a build, but you should still use the original silicone pads.