SEGA Game Gear Prestige Buttons

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Perfect crystal !

Top! Thanks HHL and RS

Isaiah Petersen
Well made, fit nicely with the new shell

No complaints, these buttons fit perfectly and look great in my new shell!

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Retro Addiction
Buttons look and feel great!

I bought these for use in a Prestige shell, they fit and function perfectly I don't know how well they'd work with an OEM shell since they do look slightly different, but if you're using a custom shell they are a must!

Michael Lindle
These buttons are not up to snuff

I purchased these prestige buttons and new silicons recently. The edges on the buttons and the dpad are too sharp. Even with the aftermarket silicons, the dpad is unacceptable, there is way too much play. I wound up throwing the dpad god knows where and using the original silicon and dpad. I did use the a and b and start buttons but they are crap, came covered in flash, and do not "feel" right. Oh yeah, and the plastic piece for over the battery they include totally prevents the after-market shells from closing, its far too rigid and way thicker than the OEM. At least that was the case on my Majesco game gear, had to use the original there too. The Shells here are awesome, the screens are great, the silicons are ok, but pass on these buttons, specifically this d-pad

Useless without Japanese Membrane

If you have a USA console, your membrane won't fit this Dpad. The Japanese system had a different Dpad, and this part requires either the matching membrane order or a system that had the Japanese Dpad originally.

This sucks, because I now have a useless Dpad as this wasn't listed as a requirement.

Stephen v
You need their membrane!

If you have a game gear where the d pad membrane has a ball bearing, you Need to buy their membrane kit or modify your own for it to work with the d pad (unless I missed something.)

I didn't investigate until the new white shell was being screwed together, and one of the screws holding the shell together became stripped so I had to break the new case (and break a few wires) to swap the dpad for the original.

But I like the original better anyways.

So general heads up, you need to have a d pad membrane with no spot for a ball bearing or buy their membrane kit. Otherwise the d pad will not work unless you sand half of it off.