SEGA Game Gear Prestige Shell

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Thomas Sullivan
Great shell!

Shell looks amazing! Metal shielding is cut to allow screen mods which is awesome. Only issue was the screws, looks like their holes weren't pre-threaded enough. Had to apply a lot of pressure to get them flush. One screw is a little striped due to the effort.

Clear Gear!

Moved the McWill screen, CleanAmp, CleanPower and new speaker to the Clear Prestige Shell and call it the Clear Gear!

Josh R.
Pretty nice, but watch the alignment!

These shells look great and feel great, but be warned the plastic seems ever so slightly "softer" compared to an original shell. Use a soft cloth on your workbench when installing to avoid scratches.

The alignment is a little different too, so be careful to line up the screw holes properly when putting in the PCBs! Take a look and adjust the alignment with each screw. Also, be sure to use the original screws!

Great fitment

Everything was perfect, I didn’t know this came with the screws so I ended up buying an extra set as well as the AA terminals which were also included.

Scott Richardson
Great except for the screws

I feel like I might have gotten the wrong screws with this. Try as I might, I could not get the case screws to completely tighten, leaving just shy of a millimeter gap between the two halves of the shell. I swapped the screws from the original case in (which were slightly shorter) and they worked great to tighten it up. I'm a bit worried about how well this will work long-term if I keep opening it up for mods, but it's fine for the time being. Otherwise, it's a great shell.

Christopher Bennett
Sega Game Gear Shell

Love the fitment of the new shell. Brings new life to my game gear.