SEGA Game Gear Capacitor Kit | VA 1 Models - Console 5

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Great Products, Seamless Process

Excellent website, it had everything I wanted and then some. I refurbished a GameGear I had with a new case, buttons, speaker etc. (everything but the boards). The new parts felt just the same as the originals.

The capacitor kit came with everything I needed, nothing bent or broken. However, I haven’t installed them yet.

Also shipping was speedy.

Thank you!

Shaun Siemer
So far so good

One out of two down. Recoverd the screen perfect.

Juan Banos Bermudez
Great I like it for sure, having everything that you need, including the power and sound

It’s the best thing you can get price is super good, well packed product and also it comes with everything you need to repair your game gear, including sound and power.
Highly recommended!!

Exactly what you need

I've purchased several of these kits now from Hand Held Legend and every time I receive high quality caps. Each kit includes everything you need to bring the main board, sound board, and power board back to life.

Hard, but 100% worth it!

I never soldered before, and so bought a usb clock kit to practice and desoldered a video card's caps before doing this, but ya, this was still hard. The sound caps are sooo hard for a beginner. I did do it and it was totally worth it, tho. Doing the mainboard took the GG from line-filled mess with no sound or game that turned off to stable blank video that didn't turn off. Then doing the powerboard made a game work! But, with low sound. And, two other games didn't work (had to clean contacts by opening cart and using alcohol). Then, the hardest part, the sound. Did that and powered it on expecting nothing--but it worked! These caps are great if you have the time and skill to use them. My GG is back to 80% of brand new right now, and fixing it myself was very intimate and rewarding.

Easy to use and install

Even though a lot of the original capacitors are weird rectangular shapes, the cylindrical ones in this kit are either the same size or smaller so they fit right in place. I will definitely get more in the future when I need them.