SEGA Game Gear CleanScreen - RetroSix

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Works great!

Awesome mod for your game gear!

The QA could be better on these.

Good board, and the flex cables are pretty good too. But I feel like the 3D printed bracket really lacked in QA compared to the board itself. On one end of the bracket, there were visible extruder droops that were the result of a clearly unsuccessful bridging attempt. Not an issue if it were just cosmetic, but it made it very difficult to actually squeeze the LCD screen into the bracket - and an LCD screen isn't exactly something I want to excessively push so that it can go into place. Overall, if you're going to include a bracket, try to make it better? Otherwise it just seems lazy. I ended up binning the included print and went with the one made by RetroKai instead - much better. Additionally, I had the same issue as others have mentioned with the LCD flex cable not being perfectly aligned with the connector on the PCB, just slightly flexed. If multiple customers are reporting the same issue, then maybe it's worthwhile to re-evaluate the kit you're selling?

T heng
Awesome Parts

Nice parts with quick shipping.

Great quality upgrade for the Game Gear

Love the RetroSix CleanScreen paired with TFT lcd, the prestige shell and buttons, the RetroSix ceramic capacitor kit, a new soundboard, and the UV Sonic and Tails screen. Thanks to handheld legend for your support to this hobby!

Matt Heinrich
Works great

Amazing improvement over factory. Screen is a must have upgrade to any game gear

Looks amazing, super easy install! But...

Compared to the original Game Gear screen, this thing is a serious upgrade. Significantly clearer picture, and makes what is sometimes a strenuous console to play super fun and relaxed. There are a couple caveats however. First, the 3d printed mounting kit wasn't great. My screen fell out several times during installation. Second, much like others have complained, installing the kit as instructed on the RetroSix wiki leads to the issue of the ribbon cable being too short. I simply took the CS board out and plugged the screen in separate from the console, then slid them into place. Fit just fine then, but the ribbon cable is flexed slightly as a result. Otherwise, great mod, a must have for the GG.