Game Boy Advance Prestige Shell | IPS Modified

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Clay Hollie
Serviceable but Not Great

This shell is sturdy and my components fit in it, but the finish of the shell leaves tons of noticeable fingerprints and tolerances aren't the greatest (ex. battery door is a tight fit, cartridge slot is a tight fit and makes removing games a bit annoying, etc.). Still looking for a better option, but this'll do until then.

Christopher Rogers
GBA IPS-modified shell

The shell is made of a really high-quality plastic, I would put it on par with the OEM shell. I’m a fan of the texture as well. I paired it with the Funnyplaying IPS v2 screen kit. I think if there was one thing that was not-so-great it would be that the screws are somewhat quick to strip out, although that could also be due to using a pretty old screwdriver. The nice thing is that they are all Phillips head, so no need to find your tri-wing if you need to open it back up for whatever reason.

Jonathan Lopez
The shell feels great, the installation was a pain

The feel of this shell is VERY nice. Its a smooth velvety finish. It paired well with buttons and side bracket I received from a different kit. The only problem is the clearance of the holes, as I had to use smaller gba sp screws. Furthermore, the fact I had to screw and unscrew things made the experience absolute dogshit. I used the screws it came with and let to 1 stripped screw and 1 broken resistor (from attempting to remove the screw that hold the motherboard to the back panel). Do you know what a pain it is to solder microelectronic components? It was as if the machine decided to take its 15 minute break during the time it was supposed to drill the holes onto this shell. Oh and to top it off, there's not enough space in the shell to fit an IPS screen and the motherboard so everything is under pressure. I'm pretty sure I can make diamonds if I put pieces of coal inside. But hey, at least it looks cool.

I'm sorry to hear of your issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Jonathan Hupfeld
For Nintendo

This shell is NICE, it feels good, and after doing a shell trim for the GBC q5 mod (stressful!) I decided to save the trimming hassle with this shell. My only gripe is the "for(tiny font)NINTENDO" writing on the front (it's also mentioned in the description!), but I get why that's there and doesn't ruin the aesthetic. 100% would reccomend this shell for design, construction and feel, and ease of assembly.

Javier Burgos
Super clear and like oled

This whole kit is amazing, the ips quality is like an oled, the shell is literally a gba shell designed to fit the ips screen. Perfect for upgrading gba

Clear GBA Prestige IPS Ready Shell

I got my shell and it feels and looks great. However, the same kind of issues still persist that I have had with other shells from Handheld Legend. The screws are are a real pain to get in right and luckily I have some spare screws. Due to how they don't like to screw in, I have stripped quite a few of them out. I have several GBAs laying around with some triwing screws. If it weren't for that I would have to be getting more screws. So just be weary of that. Outside of that one issue I am happy with my case.