The Legendary League

The Legendary League ...the small team of contributors that have lent their knowledge and time, sharing their passions and information. We're proud to have worked with them each!

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Atomik Mods - Kain De Rivera - 4forfake Atomik Mods (Kain De Rivera): Passionate Chiptunes artist with a penchant for modding more than just gaming consoles.
Hand Held Legend, HHL, BobMods, Bob Mods, Roberto Gualan, Game Boy Macro BobMods (Roberto Gualan): A sort of Game Boy Macro wizard, practicing his magic on wayward DS Lites and giving them new life!
linklooklisten (Matt G): Avid modder with a penchant for mobile consoles, also known simply as Matt G.
Jellybelly Customs (Matt Whitehead): Custom console, parts, and accessories hand-crafted by owner Matt Whitehead.
Rainbow Repair (Natalie Marie): Gaming console repairs and mods, and an amplifier aficionado - boosting the volume of any hand held she can get her hands on.
sjm4306 (Shawn Maxwell): Electrical engineer and retro enthusiast, helping the gaming community understand what's under the hood.