No Reset Snapback Installation Guide | RockerGaming | Hand Held Legend

The following guide shows the installation process for the @RockerGamingMods and @itskwilson no reset snapback mod

If you want to see this in video format refer to the following video  -

Tools required:

NOTE - All kits purchased after 11/18/21 directly from RG or HHL will contain 2 mounts the black mount will be for a standard install WITHOUT Shinewave.  The white mount should be used WITH Shinwave.

OPTIONAL, but recommended

  • Softmodded Wii with Smash Scope homebrew installed 

Step 1 - Open the Shell with your Tri-Wing Screwdriver

2 - Remove Ruble bracket

3 - Make necessary cuts to the Rumble Bracket with your flush cuts

4 - Solder the 4 wires from the wiring harness to the thumbstick potentiometer

5 - Replace rumble bracket and make sure the wires from the harness route out the bottom through the cuts we made before

6 - plug in the wiring harness to the snap back board

7 - Mount snapback board to the controller pcb

8 - tune the snapback kit, refer to the video below.

Link to Smashscope for your modded Wii -

Link to this guide-