RetroGlow for Game Boy Advance SP - RGB LED Flex Board

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Light up your Game Boy Advance SP with a Flexible RGB LED Cable. Pair with clear buttons to make your GBA SP shine!

Currently untested with aluminum shells.


  • Individual button color customization
  • 18-25mA power draw with default settings, maximum measured draw 50mA at full brightness with white color
  • Hue, brightness, and saturation adjustment
  • Power LED color control
  • Solder-in-place install. 15-30 minute install, moderate difficulty
  • Use the Select + D-Pad buttons to customize your LED colors
  • Two animated color modes with adjustable saturation and brightness
  • 32 different hues to pick from, 32 levels of saturation


  • 1x GBA SP LED flex board


Install guide and customization guide linked below:



  • To factory reset hold Select + D-pad left while turning on.
  • Designed in house by our friend Mitch!
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Joshua Snead
    This is one of the coolest mods you can buy for your SP

    This thing scared me a little at first to install but honestly it was pretty easy, even for a soldering beginner. If you are into modding GBA's and like that ROG/ Rainbow LED look I can not recommend this enough!

    Alfredo Gomez
    Very quick and easy install

    I bought 3 of these, I like how easy they are to install. I'll be buying more of them in the future.

    This thing is sick

    I love how the LEDs look, and the install is incredibly simple. If you're comfortable soldering, taking the console apart and reassembling is harder. Programming the LEDs is a little confusing but I don't really know how else they would have gone about it and it still works great. Just takes some getting used to but I think most people will leave it where they like, anyway

    Noah Palisse

    Facile à souder et à configurer le mod led que j'ai acheté pour la gba sp est super, de plus je l'ai reçu en très peu de temps

    Easy install and instructions are clear

    The install was super easy, but like all RGB boards the alignment needs to be perfect or buttons won't press correctly or need harder presses than normal. You do lose a bit of tactile feel to the buttons, but it's very minimal. The instructions are clear to use and while not super user friendly, you do get used to them. I have the RetroGlow on this and my GBC and the instructions are the same across all of their boards which is nice.

    Looks fantastic

    But that's about where it ends. These are incredibly hard to use and figure out. The instructions on the page are complete nonsense, and none of the install videos include any sort of guide on using them. This is the same with the Advance and SP versions. I am used to the FunnyPlaying GBC RGB button mod which is INCREDIBLY user friendly.

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