New Low International Shipping Rates!! Starting at $7.99*!!

New Low International Shipping Rates!! Starting at $7.99*!!

We have partnered with an international shipping wholesaler to dramatically lower our prices for international shipments to ALL countries. Shipments will start at $7.99 ($6.99* for Canadian customers) and will increase by weight. Customers in the shipping zones below will have access to the eCom Packet, while customers outside of this zone will have packages designated as eCom IPA.

Globegistics is the name of the company we have partnered with. You will no longer see "First Class International" shipping options to the list of countries above. The shipment type "eCom Packet" will replace this method. The time table for international shipments can be found below. The "Avg. # days" is from the time the item arrives at the shipping warehouse which can be 2-3 days after the item is marked as "shipped". Although shipping times may be a little longer, the cost savings for customers will make our products more widely available to the international community.

ePacket and eCom IPA
Country Avg. # days
Australia  AU 8.52
Belgium BE 7.15
Brazil BR 8.83
Canada CA 5.67
Croatia HR 5.48
Denmark DK 6.41
Estonia EE 7.33
Finland FI 6.25
France FR 5.86
Germany DE 4.89
Gibraltar GI 9.44
Hungary HU 5.78
Ireland IE 3.91
Israel IL 7.23
Italy IT 9.46
Latvia LV 5.98
Lithuania LT 6.13
Luxembourg LU 6.33
Malaysia MY 8.28
Malta MT 5.50
Netherlands NL 5.40
New Zealand NZ 5.61
Portugal PT 6.38
Singapore SG 7.16
Spain ES 5.03
Sweden SE 4.33
Switzerland CH 4.72
UK UK 5.39


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