**NEWS*** New Thinner Backlights with Flat FCP Coming Soon

Thats right, we are designing a thinner, flatter, easier to install DMG/MGB backlight. The new model will not sacrifice the HHL quality that you have come to recognize and appreciate. You can expect a flat FCP cable with solder pads for and installation without cutting the plastic DMG frame. The cable will be to the left, like other models, for worry free MGB installation. Knowing the timeline for this process, samples are set to arrive in June. After approval production will begin and we can expect to have them in a few weeks into July. Lets hope for an on-time delivery. Would you like to see a pre-order for these units?

In the mean time, check out our new GBC Frontlights. Now on SALE! And DMG buttons are coming, screens for the DMG, MGB and GBC too.