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The Game Boy Advance Cleanscreen Kit from RetroSix has all of the products you need to install this mod. This kit gives an amazing retro viewing experience! This screen is proving to be one of the best and easiest to install displays for your Game Boy Advance. It has everything you need to install the mod. Pick either the 32 pin or 40 pin variant.


  • Identical size to the original screen.
  • Zero lag/ghosting/tearing/flickering/light bleeding.
  • Infinitely adjustable brightness (using OSD).
  • Scan-line and pixel grid emulation (using OSD).
  • Color Modes [True Color/IPS/Grey/DMG] (using OSD).
  • Screen Position Adjust (using OSD).
  • True Motion for transparency support (using OSD).


  • 1x IPS LCD
  • 1x PCB
  • 1x  Button Ribbon
  • 1x  Bracket
  • 1x 40 or 32 Pin Ribbon


  • To install the Game Boy Advance CleanScreen just remove the old screen and connect the CleanScreen. Optionally solder a handful of pads onto the board with no wires (if you use the optional wire-free kit) to enable the on screen menu. Install can be done in a matter of minutes.
  • The CleanScreen can be installed without trimming anything, but to achieve a perfect seal with the frame, the plastic dimples should be trimmed and sanded down. This is fully optional, as the difference is extremely small to begin with, and is only recommended if you want to have it perfectly flush against the frame or use a dust-guard kit to ensure no dust can ever come between the screen and the lens.
  • Use OEM or original size lens for this mod.
  • Created by RetroSix.



  • Test before installation! When you receive a backlight/LCD kit, you should perform a dry run before installing to assure that nothing has been damaged in transit. A dry run or test fit means the kit is not installed in the shell. This includes the use of adhesives, brackets, and any performed soldering. All ribbon cables should have no bends or creases in them. If you are unsure how to perform a dry run, please contact our support team and we will be happy to help. Backlight kits that have been installed are not eligible for replacement or return.
  • LCD may break if put under too much pressure or dropped. Please exercise extreme caution when installing.
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Customer Reviews

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An underrated kit.

Much closer in spirit to an AGS-101 screen than IPS kits. Chunkier graphics and brighter tones all draped in decadently vivid colors. Installs so easily. It's a delight. Would purchase this item again.

A mixed bag that depends a lot on your other mods

I really want to recommend this screen as it provides the much needed original GBA color mode that benefits some great games out there, but it's difficult since this mod isn't for everyone.

Who would I recommend this screen to? Anyone who wants to try out the more toned down version of the color palette and is either only replacing the screen (best with the original shell) or is going all out with RetroSix mods (especially the battery).

Here are the glaring issues that accompany this screen mod:
-The screen is very power hungry and requires a higher voltage to to initialize at the time of turning on the device and will glitch out if not met (the device will turn on but the screen will show garbage until restarted). This could be a problem for those using 1.2v rechargeable batteries. They work... until you throw in an audio amp.
-The frame is white and reflects plenty of light if you're using an IPS ready shell. I recommend sticking to the original shell style or use a bit of black tape to cover the frame borders like others here (and myself) have done.
-The screen has a matter finish which results in some rainbowy effect that makes it seems like the screen is a bit dirty. This one's a preference that could go either way, but I find the decision to make this matte a bit odd given the screen lense will still be quite glary.
-The price is much too high for what it offers, but it does provide some unique functionality... but that's subjective.

The good:
-Super easy to install if using an original shell. The no wire flex is convenient but not necessary, I honestly would recommend buying just the screen, ribbon for your GBA model, and controller board and wire the 3 standard wires if you'd like to save some money.
- Color modes and frame blending work really well.

Overall it's a good screen, but the price, the amount of power it requires, and the design choices make this a tough one to recommend easily. In my case, I installed the screen, an led button kit as well as a simple audio amp. These combined will run fine with the clean juice battery mod, but will not with helder's battery mod, FunnyPlaying's, or some of the nameless battery mods you can find off of AliExpress. It also won't run off of 2 brand new alkaline batteries (measured at 3.3v) with these mods...

An alternative to the CleanJuice battery mod, I've opted for using a simple LiPo battery with a charger carrying a built in voltage regulator to provide a constant 3.7v as opposed to the typical diode voltage drop mod.

I've installed about 6 of these screen mods so far and they all have the same shortcomings, so I thought I'd share my experience for anyone who's interested!

Anti-Glare finish needs to be improved

Installation was surprisingly easy if you prefer using an OEM shell. HHL delivery was very quick even to Japan (as always, thank you!).

But Anti-glare finish needs to be improved since it's very.... noticeable, as someone pointed out. Maybe Retrosix want to add some classic scent to this display, but it still needs to be improved, or simply remove the finish.


One of the best and easiest installs on the market!

Adam Clark
Super easy install to OEM shell

First time doing this and with a simple YouTube video managed to get an OEM screen replaced with this very easily without any soldering. Looks great & Highly recommend.


This is a good product with the ease of use for the settings options and the backlight that it offers, but there are small issues that o had with it after using it for a while.

1. The light bleed shines through the top and bottom of the GBA and is distracting in day to gaming ( more so at night)

Solution: I put Black Electrical Tape on the top and bottom to fix the issue, and it's fantastic👌
(Note: You will have to put it on while the screen is on so you can know we're the borders are to not cover game play)

2. The screen has this weird effect on the screen itself. As if there is grease or butter over the screen. That effect fades over game play, but it was vary noticeable. This effect also makes it hard to see the pixl line change. Looking at the ips v2 that has a clear screen and this one, you can see the difference.

Solution: recommend trying the ips v5 screen. Have the same functionality as the Clean Screen Kit minus the ture Flicker. If the screen effect is an issue for you.

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