Nintendo Switch Lite Shells

Color:NES Style
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New complete shells for your Nintendo Switch Lite console. Create a unique color scheme to "switch" up your console look.


  • For Nintendo Switch Lite console.
  • Better feel and tolerance than original shells.
  • Includes outside frame buttons only.


  • 1x Front shell half
  • 1x Back shell half
  • 1x Power button
  • 1x Volume button
  • 2x Corner middle frames
  • 1x Game cartridge holder
  • 1x Micro SD holder


  • Does not include console, joysticks, or buttons.
  • Does not include dust filters - purchase separately.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Hope Gamez
Absolutely beautiful cases!!

My older sister sadly passed away a few years ago and one of the things she left to me was her switch lite that one of her dogs had chewed on. Honestly I wasn't sure what to do with it but decided to try giving it a new case so I could at least use it. The teardown really wasn't too bad just time consuming. The new case is absolutely stunning and I'm very happy to say that after adding some more things from this site it is now in beautiful working condition. I'm so very grateful! Absolutely thank you so very very much!!

Dalton D.
Excellent, but daunting install

I purchased the translucent blue shell. Once installed, the shell looks amazing and feels great in the hands. No sharp edges on the exterior, even around the meeting points of both halves. The LCD backlight bleeds through in a few places: on the left edge of the display between the DPad and the analog stick, on the bottom edge of the display about 1cm from the edge for about 2cm, and a nother tiny blot on the bottom edge near the midpoint of the display... but that's why you bought the clear one, wasn't it?

It probably comes as no surprise that replacing the shell of a device is difficult in 2023. However, note that the digitizer of your Switch Lite is adhered to the shell and the LCD is adhered to the digitizer. Unless you've done a Switch Lite LCD replacement before, you'll probably end up breaking the one or the other on removal (I broke the LCD). Luckily HHL sells replacement LCDs and digitizers 😉😭

Cody Frost
Solid shell for my Switch Lite

After doing some research, I decided on the clear shell for my Switch. I watched the tutorial on YouTube and the whole process too about an hour. This shell is great! I love being able to customize my gear. I’ve even offered to help customize my friends’ systems after they saw my handiwork.


What is better than a white reshell on a switch lite


Quality of the best was A++ not gonna say it was a easy teardown but it was fun experience i would say

John Francis
the shell and parts were very nice

my one thought with this just being honest it didn't come with a screen cover, i don't understand why

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