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Upgrade your Game Boy Pocket from its low powered AAA battery compartment to a drop-in wireless rechargeable battery pack. Designed and tested in the UK by a reputable modder and builder, the RetroSix CleanJuice Air for GBP is the ultimate upgrade to your console.


  • Give the CleanJuice a full charge and enjoy hours of gaming! Check out this article to see how long it could last.
  • Adds 2.6W watts of power.
  • Charge at any time using a regular wireless charger (including those that come with your phones) and even reverse charge the console from your phone if it supports reverse wireless charge. That means you can charge your GBP while you are out, using your phone battery.
  • Only supports wireless charging.


  • Connect battery to CleanJuice board (only fits in one way so don't worry).
  • If your shell is a RetroSix prestige shell, no modification is needed.
  • For regular shells, your shell will need heavy cutting out of the bottom of the battery compartment where the AAA batteries usually go so that its flat.
  • Place the CleanJuice board with the text "BP" showing at the top right of the board, on top of the battery with the battery "RetroSix" logo facing you and upright so it reads "RetroSix".
  • Rest the CleanJuice/battery combo into the battery compartment and push it in from the right side to the left, then push down the right side so that the CleanJuice fits and clicks into place. Put the back cover on the console, and you are ready to go.


  • 1x Cleanjuice PCB
  • 1x 700 mAh battery


  • Recommended to charge with 7.5W at lowest, and 20W for best results.
  • If you experience symptoms where red and orange lights come on, stay solid, then both go off in few minutes if NOT already fully charged, its likely too low power from the wireless charger.
  • No longer includes adhesive on the battery.
  • Created by RetroSix.

LED indicator key:

  • The light on the A/B button side of the console indicates that the module is receiving wireless power from your charger.
  • The light on the D-Pad side of the console indicates that the battery is currently charging. 
  • For further charging information, please view this video around the 10:15 minute mark.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    It doesn't work

    I checked the battery and the connection between the battery and the board, and it's fine, but it refuses to charge. I tried on 4 different wireless chargers from 4 different manufacturers. It just doesn't work.

    Thanks for your review! Please reach out to so we can get this resolved for you!

    Andrew L Lutgen
    Works great!

    Bought one for my Gameboy pocket mod about a year ago and it works like a charm. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Couldn't get it to work

    Followed instructions very carefully, but couldn't get it to power on or charge. Tried putting the battery part(not the wireless charger pcb) in the opposite way it was in the video, and got the gameboy to power on for a few seconds. but could not get it to go beyond that... Can't imagine I damaged it by doing what the guide said to do, but can't be sure.

    Thanks for your review! We may be able to troubleshoot this issue with you or deem your module defective. Please reach out to us at to do so.

    Anthony Kulberg
    Does not work!!

    Does not charge. I even bought the HHL wireless charging pad to avoid compatibility issues and the module does not charge the battery. It just gets very very hot and doesn’t take the charge. Reached out to customer service and no one has acknowledged my complaint to either replace or refund. Don’t waste your time and money, wait for a more reliable product and manufacturer.

    Thanks for your review! I checked in with support and it looks like we did get into contact with you and sent you out a new module. :)

    Joshua Somers
    Puts out good power, but doesn't fit perfectly.

    This unit is pretty good. The wireless charging works well, and unlike AAA's the output is enough to power an IPS screen and EZ Flash Jr flashcart (with a modern power regulator mod). I'm not sure the total playtime, but it is definitely enough for a good gaming session.

    The battery cover will bulge just a bit. It looks like the problem is the 2 surface mount capacitors on the right. Might be able to grind some small divots into the cover to add more clearance for them.

    broke during install

    the contacts on the board did not touch the battery or the gameboy, so i lightly bent them to fit. one of the contacts tore off at the pad with very little pressure being applied.

    2 stars because its a cool idea.

    I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

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