ProGCC (v2) - Switch Pro Controller to GameCube PCB Conversion Kit

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EDIT 2/14/2023

An issue was found which is resolved on all orders moving forward. The 47uF capacitor to aid in consistent power is pre-installed on all PCBs. -Mitch

For competitive play, just one moment of wireless lag or interference can mean losing the match. The most competitive players will use GameCube controllers because of its reliability in the heat of the moment. On the other hand, the ergonomics of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller are unmatched and offer a huge advantage in comfort.

This kit has been updated as of September 22nd, 2022. 

Changes made:

  • Added software adjustable snapback setting (left stick only)
  • Added on the fly Dpad adjustment
  • Changed ribbon cable connector for reliability
  • Adjusted screw positions on stick PCB
  • Improved compatibility with GameCube and Wii hardware for more obscure titles.

This controller is only compatible with GameCube, Wii, and GameCube USB adapters (for Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and PC).

A drop-in PCB conversion kit which converts the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to a wired-only GameCube controller.


  • Software adjustable snapback (no soldering required!)
  • Detachable USB-C to GameCube cable (Included).
  • Drop-in installation, no soldering required.
  • Supports rumble (use the original Pro Controller rumble or supply your own, soldering required). Enabled by holding "+" and plugging in the USB cable simultaneously.
  • Built-in snapback module. Enable this by soldering the appropriate snapback values.
  • Breakout pads to solder your own snapback module.
  • Compatible with GameCube, Wii, and Nintendo Switch GameCube adapters.
  • 4 trigger modes to increase compatibility with GameCube games requiring analog triggers.
  • Smash Ultimate Mode - Maps the L button to 'D-Pad left' which allows rebinding in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
  • Switch between Nintendo and Xbox 'ABXY' layouts.
  • Easily recalibrate sticks and adjust deadzone with built in macros (See user guide).


  • 1x Button board (white color)
  • 1x Main board (red color)
  • 2x ribbon cables (one extra in case of damage)
  • 1x USB-C to GameCube controller cable (Compatible with other box-style controllers featuring USB-C to GameCube)

Snapback Module

As mentioned, this controller has a built in snapback module, adjustable using some solder jumpers. If you prefer using switches to quickly adjust your snapback values, we have an optional Snapback board which is designed to fit in the battery compartment. See the store link below:

Pro Controller Snapback Module

Build Your ProGCC
We have a small collection of generic Pro Controller parts to get you started.
See our shopping guide for all the parts you'll need to build a controller!



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  • Thanks to @ShinyMark1 on Twitter for allowing us to use his video. 
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和甫 前田

ProGCC (v2) - Switch Pro Controller to GameCube PCB Conversion Kit

Thomas Fosse
Broke after one set at tournament

I have to say, the idea is great and I really want to like it but I've had so many random issues with it that I can't. At home it's been mostly fine once I managed to get the ribbon cables seated properly (the worst part of putting the controller together by the way), though there have been times where it refused to connect unless I restarted my switch. I brought it to a tournament and it worked well until I tried moving setup, and then it refused to connect. I tried everything that had worked at home, including opening the controller up and reseating the ribbon cable multiple times, but nothing worked. I hadn't had any issues with the controller for a while at home so I didn't bring a backup controller. I tried everything I could think of, and tested it at multiple setups (including my own), with both official adapters, unofficial adapters and Wii setups. Once I got home my controller mysteriously started working again. Which on the one hand I'm glad its not completely broken, but on the other I didn't do anything new to it at home so it basically broke and then fixed itself. I can't bring it to tournaments when I can't be sure that it won't just randomly break itself in a way I can't fix.

Thanks for your review! You may be experiencing a disconnect issue that we have recently resolved by the addition of a capacitor to the PCB. We sent out an email to all customers who have purchased one of these to update and offer a free capacitor to fix it. Shoot us a message at and we can work on getting this cap out to you and/or looking into the issue further.

Works nicely, a saving grace for ProCon users

Assembling the board was fun however the ribbon cable needs extra attention if it's not bent because it will most certainly get stuck below the control stick without a little help, other than that I needed to re-calibrate and adjust dead zones but it's working wonderfully now, tested it for 10~ days, only thing that confuses me is dpad left and dpad right buttons are a little bit stiff, but it's most likely a membrane/button issue not related to the board

All things considered even if it doesn't come perfect off the box there are a ton of options to recalibrate and adjust it according to needs so I'm definitely satisfied!

Engelo Mercado

ProGCC (v2) - Switch Pro Controller to GameCube PCB Conversion Kit

Bad experience

Haven't been able to even finish assembly. I Don't know if I was accidentally sent an error batch one or what, but the motherboard I received does not properly drop into the controller. would've been okay enough since I could hold it down with the lighting diffuser but I've been unable to **** that into place because I was given a bag of varying screws, which for the tutorial are entirely unlabeled and just referrred to as "the screws" none of which seem to be the appropriate size to properly **** into the places I need them to. That would also be fine If i could at least reach some kind of support, but apparently that's not available either. Not the experience I bought about 100 dollars of supplies for.

I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

Sent an error batch (not what I payed for) that is busted

I bought this model for the $65 specifically so I wouldnt be sent an error batch. Got sent an error batch pcb anyways. Didnt fit in the controller properly so I had to file my controller down. That would be acceptable enough but when the controller is in use there is large dead zones when angling either stick to the left. Resetting and rewiring didnt help and so far I have emailed them twice about this with no response.

I believe we have resolved this through our ticketing system, please let us know if there's any other issues with your order and we'll be happy to help!

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