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Installation Instructions 2

Installation instructions for modification products for various Nintendo Game Boy consoles including backlights, frontlights and other chiptune accessories. Also shown are instructions for various SEGA Game Gear and Atari Lynx mods. For more information, see our FAQs (bottom right corner question mark).

Francois tutorial

Game Boy DMG Backlight and Bivert Install
~This Does Not Compute

Description: Learn how to install a backlight and bivert your screen for the best picture possible on the original DMG.

 Gameboy Advance Frontlight Install ~This Does Not Compute

***Reuse your reflective strip as we no longer have replacements! sorry!*

 Description: Learn how to install a Game Boy Advance Frontlight into your classic GBA.

Gameboy Pocket Backlight Install ~This Does Not Compute


Description: Learn the ins and out of installing a Hand Held Legend Backlight V.2. into a Gameboy Pocket.

 Gameboy Color Frontlight Panel Install with LOCA

**Red wire on the left, red dot facing up**

Watch as a Hand Held Legend frontlight panel is installed into a Gameboy Color using LOCA (Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive)

Gameboy DMG Original Backlight Install

One of the best and easiest mods to perform on your old brick. A start to finish video showing how to install this backlight into your Gameboy


Gameboy Front-light with LOCA Install ~This Does Not Compute

Comparisons installing a Hand Held Legend frontlight with and without LOCA. 

SEGA Game Gear LED Backlight ~This Does Not Compute

This mid provides a replacement for your Game Gear tube backlight, more consistent and even lighting as well as > 2x the battery life.


Other Tutorials 

Game Boy DMG (Original) Backlight Install

Game Boy Pocket Backlight Install

Game Boy Bivert/Biversion Install

Game Boy RCA Pro Sound DIY

Game Boy 3.5mm Pro Sound DIY

Game Gear/Lynx Replacement Backlight Install


Game Boy Pocket Bivert Install

Game Boy Pocket Bivert Module 

Looking for a professional to build it for you? Here is a list of our most trusted and experienced  modders:

***Disclaimer: Perform these modifications are your own risk. Opening and modifying vintage electronics may lead to irreparable damage to your console and/or modification product.***


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