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Do your backlights work with the Game Boy Pocket?

Yes. Although the install is a bit trickier. We have recently modified the dimensions to fit the Game Boy Pocket better while still maintaining the best fit for the DMG. No resistor is needed when installing, keeping your backlight as bright as possible.

Do your backlights work with the Game Boy Color?

No. The Game Boy Color uses a different LCD making back lighting impossible. 

What is the bivert modification?

The bivert mod uses a hex inverted to invert and sharpen the pixels on you LCD. This mod naturally changes the orientation of the pixels making what was once white -> black and vise versa. This is a great mod to improve contrast and make your LCD look better. Make sure to pair with a backlight to get a normal orientation.

I installed the bivert chip in my DMG Game Boy, but the screen contrast did not invert . All of the wires are perfectly soldered to the proper board points and chip pins. 

Make sure to cut the 2 leads on the PCB. Be careful not to cut any others or your LCD might not display correctly.

Why don't my Game Boy Colors Games play after I install the backlight?

This is because the resistor was not installed. Install the resistor to solve this issue. The recommended voltage for all backlights is around 3V. The longer wavelength colors, such as red an orange, have lower voltage requirements so make sure to install the resistor.

Do you offer an installation service?

No, not at this time. If you are interested we can point you to expert modders who use our products.  Or you could try it yourself!

Why does my GBC flicker after installing the GBC frontlight?

See here: http://handheldlegend.com/pages/flickering-gbc-frontlight

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