Materials and Supply List

Are you a first time modder looking for the right equipment to start modding? Hand Held Legend has put together a list of supplies and materials that will help you get your feet of the ground and into some pretty awesome console mods. Click on the link to bring you to the corresponding Amazon or HHL webpage for purchase.

General Modding:

  1. Soldering Iron
  2. Solder
  3. Alcohol Pads
  4. Razor Blade
  5. Q Tips - Save yourself some money and buy this in the store!
  6. Tri-Wing Screwdriver
  7. Table mat
  8. UV Curing Lamp
  9. Wire strippers
  10. Solder Wick
  11. Solder Tip Cleaner


Prepping and Painting a Shells:

  1. Adhesion Promoter
  2. Plastic Primer
  3. Spray Paint - Save yourself some money and buy this in the store!
  4. Clear Coat (U-Pol)
  5. Clear Coat (Krylon)

Bleaching and Case Cleaning Agents:

  1. Oxi Clear
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide 3%

Get these in the store cheaper.