Tips and Tricks

Whether you are a modding pro or a beginner, these tips and tricks should prove useful. Cut down on your build time and improve the quality of your mod. Find tips for a variety of consoles such as the (Gameboy DMG, MGB (pocket), Color, SP, and Game Gear). More videos to come.

Fixing LOCA Mistakes:
GBC or GBA Frontlight

Maybe your Game Boy frontlight installation with LOCA
didn't go right -- let's take a look at what's involved in
trying again and preventing problems to begin with.

~Made by: This Does Not Compute

Scotch Aluminum Foil Tape
X-ACTO Knife

Let's Backlight a Game Boy 
Color too! Oh Wait, Maybe Not!

Why can't it be done? If you have already 
learned the hard way, you know it's impossible to 
backlight a Game Boy Color, here's why.

~Made by: This Does Not Compute

Game Boy Color Frontlight

Don't Bother Cutting Traces 
Bivert Tip

To avoid the costly mistake of overextending your cut
when cutting leads before installing your bivert chip, 
use this helpful tip to make soldering easier.
~Made by: Bogaboy

Newton Rings
Clean LCD Tip

A newton ring is an optical phenomenon that appears
when light is reflected between two surfaces (LCD 
and polarizing film). Using fine particles between
surfaces will eliminate this effect.

~Made by: Bogaboy
Fossil Power Diatomaceous Earth (1 Lb), Food-grade, for Dusters, Getting Rid of Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ticks and More

LOCA: Does it make
a Difference?

There's a more advanced method of installing a frontlight kit in a Game Boy Color. Are the results worth the effort?

~Made by: This Does Not Compute

Generic LOCA


GLASS Lens Adhesives -
Rubber Cement

Use rubber cement for a semi-permanent
bond to your shell. If you crack your lens, 
you can easily remove.

~Made by: Bogaboy

Rubber Cement